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                                                       Stavanger shore excursions 
Shore excursions specially designed for cruise passengers

For centuries Stavanger and the surrounding area have played a leading part in Norway’s maritime history, dating back to when the Viking Kings battled in Hafrsfjord. Travelling through the rich agricultural countryside your first stop is Ullandhaug and the reconstructed Iron Age farmhouses. Enjoy magnificent views over Harfrsjord where the Viking King Harald Harfagre (the Fairhair) defeated the last of the regional princes in 872. This united the 29 small kingdoms under one crown and founded the kingdom of Norway. 
Coming into Stavanger, visit the 12th -century Cathedral of St Swithin. Of all the Norwegian churches built during the middle ages, Stavanger Cathedral is the only one to have retained its original features. You will have the opportunity to take a walk through the charming area of old Stavanger, with its picturesque and well preserved wooden houses in narrow lanes dating back to the 18th century. 


Travel through a three mile long tunnel to tranquil Moster Island. Sheep and cows graze in the lush countryside as you continue on towards Ustein Kloster, the best preserved monastery in Norway.

From the 13th century, Augustine monks lived in this peaceful countryside. Learn the history of this haunting building as you are escorted through its timeless rooms. A short organ recital will be performed in the chapel after which you will be served morning coffee and home-made waffles.
Returning to Stavanger, take a short walk through the old town back to the harbour. Stroll along narrow streets and view the picturesque, white painted, wooden houses so typical of this part of the world.