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Shore excursions specially designed for cruise passengers


Until 1830, commerce and shipping were key in Bergen, and one of the four major Hanseatic trading offices was located here. Your tour starts with a drive along the German pier with its wooden buildings with pointed gables, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see how the people of Bergen live today with a brief city tour including Nordnes Peninsula, which bisects the harbor. Take a funicular ride up to Mount Fløien, 1,200 feet above sea level. From the top you can enjoy a magnificent view of Bergen and the surroundings. As you return to the lower funicular station, your tour continues on foot to the famous Fish & Flower Marketand through the ancient buildings and alleyways of the Bryggen Wharf—a scene straight out of the Middle Ages


Picture a sea of triangular rooftops and rainbow-coloured buildings, all backed by tree-cloaked mountains, and you’ll have an idea of what Bergen looks like. Norway’s second-largest city is storybook pretty, and it’s got a lively history that dates back to the Middle Ages. On this walking tour, you’ll uncover some of the most famous sights, including the old German merchant buildings. Back in 1702, a fire ripped through the city, destroying them all. Now rebuilt, they’ve been made to look just as they did back then. They’re so impressive, in fact, the area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bergenhus fortress and the soaring tower of Rosenkranz are also on the agenda, and you’ll explore the winding streets that snake up towards the foot of the mountains. Down by the harbour, meanwhile, a string of artists’ studios, restaurants and craft shops line up – most of which have hardly changed over the years. Your final stop will be at the Hanseatic Museum, which charts the difficult working life of the city’s old German merchants.